How Tall and Wide?

Do you ever wonder how tall and wide your garage door is? Your regular single sized car garage door is generally eight or even 9 ft. wide as well as 7-8 feet in height. Even a Nine foot broad garage is difficult to fit a mid-or big sized vehicle in regularly. Most of the time, there relatively small that you can do concerning the width or even the height of those garage doors. Here at Harry Jr’s Garage Doors, we offer free estimates in Valley Springs, Stockton, Lodi and surrounding cities so you don’t need to worry about pulling out the measuring tape and figuring out how tall and wide your garage door is.

You’re generally stuck with that which you have. This is not going to be the situation, if you’re planning on creating a new garage. Right now your garage could be any dimension that your home will allow and will also allow you to produce a garage door opening which will fit your needs.

Your own normal two-car garage door generally is 16 ft. wide as well as 7-8 feet in height. This generally gives you lots of space to park 2 midsize vehicles with little trouble. This is the very typical door size and also a two-car garage usually is the most typical garage built.

OK now what about customized garage doors, how much will they cost as well as do I actually need one?

A few of these garage doors can be expensive, but you really should give this particular some severe thought. 1 car accident, whilst parking your own vehicles inside your garage, could cost exactly the same amount of money because two customized garage doors.

The first thing you will have to do, would be to ask yourself how big of a automobile, will you really be parking inside your new garage. If you are going to shop a large vessel, RV, trailers or perhaps a large vehicle, and a customized door is the best way that you will be in a position to park these types of vehicles within it.

The bigger garage doors will usually end up being built from different materials than your own average 2 car garage doors. These doors will be produced from a weightier metal along with a large string will be accustomed to open and close all of them.

One of the best methods to verify the actual garage door size, for the new garage, is always to park your own vehicle’s, within another garage, that may be similar to the size the garage that you’re going to build. This gives you a very good idea as well as helps you with your own planning.

Correct garage door size preparing and garage thickness, height as well as length, can help you save a lot of aggravation in the future.

Need help with your garage door install, or maybe you just need a garage door repair? Harry Jr’s Garage Doors is a family owned and operated company out of Valley Springs, and serves Galt, Lodi, Stockton and Manteca areas.