Best Garage Door Materials

Garage doors, as with everything else in this day and age, have advanced, keeping in mind that curb appeal increases the value of your home. When selecting a new garage door, you now have a wide range of materials, colors, styles, and window types to choose from.  This gives you a wide range of options to provide the best garage door for your needs, convenience and budget.  In part 1, we will discuss the first option regarding which garage door materials are available.


In the past, wood garage doors were the prevalent choice.  Now, this material is less used due to the regular maintenance wood requires.  For example, wood doors will need repainting, and the frame may also need maintenance.  The warranty for a factory made wood door is usually only one year whereas a custom door is 15 years.


Currently, one of the most popular new garage doors are those made of steel.  The gauge of these steel garage doors can either be 24- (the most popular), 26- or 28-ga steel.  They often have rigid foam insulation.  Models with baked on primer and polyester topcoat will better protect against rust.  Steel doors have from a 10 year warranty to a limited lifetime warranty.  They can have a smooth finish or embossed wood grain pattern per your choice


The newest material in the garage door manufacturing business is plastic.  The use of plastic is growing due to their lightweight durability and lack of required maintenance.  There are many benefits to having a plastic garage door.  As with most plastic products, they are rot-free and do not corrode.  They also have UV-resistance with light color ones that can take sun and not fade.  Some brands are made from high density plastics that are long lasting and extremely strong.  Plastic garage doors also have a quieter operation and carry longer warranties of at least 20 years.