Taking a few steps to ensure that your garage is the safest that it can be can be the difference between the security of your person and your home.  Just as locking your front door and making sure it is locked is a responsible action of a homeowner or renter, making sure that your garage door is as secure as it can be is also a responsible action.  The following tips provide some advice on safe behavior to keep you safe.

The Internal Garage Door

When people refer to a garage door, they generally think of the overhead door that automatically (or manually) opens to let your vehicle in and out of the garage.  This garage door is difficult to break through, provided you make sure that it is closed properly when not in use.  Some even have alarm sensors installed to give added security.

However, there is another garage door, the door that is the entry into your house from your garage, that needs to be secured to reduce the possibility of break-ins.  Your internal garage door should be treated like an exterior door. If it is a heavy door, solid core wood or metal door, it will provide better safety for your home.  Sturdy frames and deadbolts are a definite plus towards safety.  

Other doors that may lead to your side or backyard, etc. also need to be treated with the same security considerations.

Your Garage Door And Its Opener

A garage door is more secure if it is a heavy-duty door that could stand up to physical attacks.  If you plan on extended absences, bolts from the inside will help keep your garage secure. 

Garage doors with windows are less secure since they allow potential thieves to survey what you have.  If you do have windows in your garage door, it would be well worth the money to have them frosted to prevent visual line of sight into your garage.

Modern garage doors openers now use rolling code technology to protect openers’ transmissions which can prevent surplus openers to gain entry into multiple garages.  If you automatic opener is old, you may want to consider upgrading to the newer, more secure models for increased security.

Practicing Safe Habits

The first main thing you can do in practicing safe habits to keep you and your property safe is to treat your garage door well.  First, make sure that you periodically maintain your garage door, so that you can catch any developing problems and avoid potential “down-times” of an inoperable door.  Second, get in the habit of closing it whenever you don’t need it open.  This minimizes potential burglars from seeing what you have that they may want to target.  Be sure everyone in your family does not leave the keys in the vehicle.  Bringing in your garage door openers will make you less vulnerable too.

A garage should keep your vehicles safe and secure, but a little common sense will reduce vulnerabilities into the security of your home and increase your security.  It is well worth the time to address potential weak areas and fortify them for your peace of mind.