Garage Door Clicker or Keypad can be reset without the old code.

These convenient garage door keypads and remote clickers are the greatest technological solution for wireless entry and exit to and from the garage. Both a garage door remote and keypad have sensors that pair with the garage door opener.  When these devices’ frequency match with the garage door automatic opener, the opener triggers the garage door to either open or shut (depending on the status of the garage door). 

Because of this mechanism, we no longer have to get out of our car to open or close the garage door, and if we have a keypad, we no longer even need a remote to operate the garage door!  This also means that you won’t lock yourself out of the garage (house), and you don’t have to worry about key or remote loss.

Steps to reset the keypad.

If you want to reset the remote, maybe because you needed to replace the old one, or the keypad because you forgot the code, you can follow these simple steps.

Step 1

You will need a ladder to reach the automatic garage door opener’s motor which is usually hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the garage.  You may need to remove a cover to access the buttons normally on the back of the unit.

Step 2

There is a “learn” button on the unit.  When you identify the correct button, press and hold this “learn” button down until the indicator light turns off.  At this point, you have erased the previous code.  No passcode exists now.  

Step 3

Press the same “learn” button again so that the indicator light turns back on.  Go to the keypad and enter a new code.  It is best to use a code that is not easy for others to guess.  The indicator light should start blinking, which means that the unit has set your new code.  Press the “learn” button one to verify that the garage door opens.  

How to reset your clicker remote.

Some systems may not have a keypad, but most are designed to work with a clicker remote.  To reset the remote to link to your automatic garage door unit, remove the remote cover.  On the inside of the remote, you will see some switches which stands for the code.

You can move the switches to create a new code. Find the switches that are located in the automatic garage door opener unit, and set them to match the switch code you set in the remote. 

Finally, put the remote cover back on the remote. Verify that the remote works and open the garage door.  If it doesn’t, make sure that the codes on the remote and automatic garage door opener unit match exactly.  Once it does, your garage door should open and close properly with the use of your clicker remote.