If your garage door was installed years ago, even as little as 15 years ago, it may not meet current safety standards. Automatic garage doors co cause injuries and death primarily to children eacy year, so it is important to ensure that your garage door is safe.

Of course, the first option you have is to buy a new modern system that meets the safety standards of today. The electric eye sensors are placed on each side of the garage door a few inches off the ground and are aligned with each other. When there is an obstruction caused by something such as a person in the path of this alignment, the garage door is reverses when it is closing and opens before anything is hit and injured.

Any garage doors built before 1982 do not reverse at all, and some, which reverse on contact, still may cause injury. Replacing older garage doors will significantly reduce personal injury and injury to your property.

The second safety action is to regularly test your garage door and provide periodic maintenance and repairs. Your owner’s manual will provide specific maintenance procedures. If you do not have one, contact the automatic opener’s manufacturer, and they will give you the recommended maintenance procedures.

Safety guidelines are geared to parents of young children. Prevention of children playing around garage doors or remote controls will keep the children safe. The wall controll keypad should within outside the children’s reach and an emergency release should be available in case someone gets pinned by the garage door.

Minimal maintenance includes oiling, cleaning and putting graphite into the lock. Making sure that the tracks are clean and regularly oiling them with a machine oil or silicon lubricant onto the rollers, hinges and bearings will keep the garage door opening and closing smoothly.

Three basic tests should be done to check your garage door’s safe operation.

First, check the balance of the garage door by manually opening it. If it is balanced, it should be easy to lift and saty open approximately 4 feet above the ground.

Second, check the force of the garage door while it closes. Giving it a moderate resistance, the door should reverse direction. If not, the force setting should be adjusted.

Third, check the reversing mechanism. You can do this by putting a 2 x 4 block in the path of the closing garage door. When the door hits the block, it should immediately reverse and open.

These three tests should be done regularly to ensure proper operation of your garge door, its safety and prevention of injury.

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