When selecting a new garage door opener, you want to make sure that the opener you select meets your garage door needs. 

You should consider what features are most important to you.  Some considerations are:

  1. Your living space, attachment to your garage, and whether any vibrations or noise is a factor.
  2. The height of your ceiling and clearance that you need in your garage.
  3. The amount of weight of your garage door that the automatic opener will need to support
  4. Remote Controls
  5. Keypads and compatibility with devices
  6. Safety reversal systems
  7. Photo electrical systems
  8. Mechanical

Of primary importance, you need to make sure that you do not order a garage door opener that will not fit above your garage door.  If space is tight, there are styles that require less space.  For example, a trolley-style opener requires only two inches.  This, in fact, is one or the most common style on the market.

A side-mounter garage door opener is another option.  These are called jackshaft openers.  They are installed next to the garage door and are connected to the torsion bar.  Three inches between the ceiling and torsion bar and eight inches between the garage wall and torsion bar is required for this type of opener.  Jackshaft openers are usually small at about six inches tall and 16 inches wide.  Standard safety features come with these openers.

If you cannot decide what type of automatic door opener will fit best with your garage space, call Harry Jr.’s Garage Doors and we will come out to provide help with your decision.

Motor selection is dependent on the size and weight of your garage door.  Two popular sizes are ½ Horse power and the ¾ horse power motors.  The ½ HP is the most common size motor use for average garage doors, while the ¾ Hp is used for heavier doors such as those made of wood, which weigh over 300 lbs and larger doors which are up to 16 feet in widths.

There are two kinds of motors, an AC and a DC optioni.  The motor with the AC (alternating current) will start slow, reach their full speed and slow down again near the end.  The motor with the DC (direct current) is the most common type because they operate at a steady speed and have options for different sizes.  The DC motors also have units with a battery power backup.

Garage door openers have also advanced with technology.  They now have options to allow operator control through laptops, tablets, ipads, smartphones, etc.  You can even get a garage door opener with LED lighting options or a video camera for security.  Controls for garage door and lights as well as notifications for when the door is open are available.

There are three main categories of garage door units.  These are the central chain driven trolley openers, the central belt driven trolley openers, and the jackshaft openers.  The central chain openers are the best choice because of cost-effectiveness and are the most commonly sold.  The central belt openers are the quietest models for those homes and garages that need the least vibrations.  The jackshaft openers are the most ideal for garages with high ceilings.

Every type of garage door opener now comes with the two safety reversal systems: the mechanical safety system and the photo-electric safety system.  The mechanical system reverses the door upon impact with an object (or person), and the photo-electric is the infrared beam from one side of the garage door to another that reverses a door when the beam is broken, i.e., something is in the way of the garage door.

Accessories are available including outside keypads, wall buttons with temperature and time controls, battery backups, and more.

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