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Raynor Garage Doors

Raynor Garage Doors is one of the largest American exporter of residential garage doors.  It is famous for the wide variety of custom colors in 1,800 hues, as well as its innovative technology incorporating iPad and Wi-Fi applications to garage door systems.  Raynor’s styles and types of garage doors include the following:

  • Country manor
  • Mixed panel
  • Carriage house
  • Colonial
  • Contemporary

The materials used in manufacturing these doors are steel, composite, aluminum and aluminum rail and stile glass.

In additions to residential doors, Raynor also manufactures commercial doors.  These include models manufactured for the fire, agricultural, and other industries that need high-speed and rolling capabilities.

The average price ranges from $600 to $4,000, although fully customized doors can cost more. The cost of a Raynor garage door depends on whether you want a budget, average or premium model.


CHI Garage Doors

CHI Garage Doors was founded in 1981.  Their focus and mission was to create a garage door company based on exceptional value, quality and craftmanship.  PerformaxGlobal LLC is CHI’s parent company.

In addition to residential and commercial doors, CHI also produces LiftMaster® and Linear® openers for residential garage doors, and the LiftMaster®, Micanan, Somfy, and McKeon openers for commercial applications.  They carry recessed panel, carriage house, traditional and contemporary styles, made with fiberglass, steel, and aluminum.  Prices for CHI garage doors range from $390 to $2,100.

Those on the lower end are doors that have a hollow 2-inch thick sturdy steel door with no insulation, and they have a choice of colors and finishes.

The middle range of garage doors at $600 – $1,500 have 2 layers of steel with polyurethane insulation in between.  There are 3 window options, 7 wood tones, and 9 colors to chose from.

CHI’s premium garage doors range from $766 – $2,100, which is still economical comparatively.  These doors are 2-inch thick with 2-sided steel construction, with the appearance of real wood.


Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors was founded in 1954.  Based in Hope, Ohio, they have won various industry awards for its innovation and high standards, such as the Brand Leader for Quality Award in 2010.  They focus on creating garage doors with high curb appeal.

The products they sell include:

  • Commercial garage doors
  • Service doors
  • Residential garage doors
  • Fire doors
  • Service doors
  • Security and counter shutters
  • Genie garage door openers
  • Fabric-Shield® storm panels

The types and styles of garage doors they manufacture include:

  • Colonial style
  • Contemporary aluminum and glass
  • Custom wood
  • Raised panel
  • Carriage house
  • Colonial style

Walton Dalton’s prices range from $700 – $9,000.

Their lower end garage doors have a classic steel entry-level garage doors.  With 3 panel designs to choose from, they also have a choice of window types and finishes. These are single-layer doors with insulated, un-insulated and wind load reinforcement options.

Walton Dalton’s average garage doors offer old world charm facades with multiple windows, color, panel and stain choices: Carriage House steel doors offer Old World charm, multiple windows, color and stain choices and panel designs.

The higher end garage doors are custom wood garage doors with premium woods that are very  resistant to rot. Handmade by Amish craftsmen, they are made to order, following customer specifications.  Walton Dalton’s steel doors feature WindSafe® options for high wind areas, and TorqueMaster® Plus counterbalance system built with anti-drop safety technology.