A primary mechanism in the operation of your garage door’s opening and closing are the torsion springs.  Each time the door is opened or closed, the springs significantly help in the lifting and lowering of your heavy garage door.

Torsion springs operate with mechanical energy by using a rotating or twisting motion generated by their metal coil formation.  Because of the denser material they are manufactured with, they store much more energy than conventional springs.

Normally mounted horizontally above the doorway of your garage door, the cables are attached to each bottom corner of the garage door. When closed, these cables force the torsion springs to wind up.  Then, when the garage door is triggered to be opened, the springs unwind, which pulls the garage door up.

A garage door is lifted many times.  This frequent usage can cause the metal steels in the torsion springs to weaken, eventually, breaking and failing to open the door. Wet and cold weather can cause rust and make the parts more brittle, affecting spring function too.

Generally, torsion springs last between 5 to 7 years, or about 10,000 cycles.  A cycle consists of one open and close.  Depending on how many times you open and close your garage door a day, estimating 4 cycles a day for most people (leaving for work, coming back, and going out for errands and other outings once), calculates to 4 cycles a day at 365 days a year or 1,460 cycles would cause your garage door springs to last approximately 7 years.

Due to the extreme pressure and tension in the power of torsion springs, they can become a danger if the spring breaks or wears out.  In addition, more injuries occur when inexperienced people attempt to replace or fix them.  The coil power requires special tools and mechanical knowledge of how torsion springs work.

If a torsion spring breaks, it is very dangerous due to the heavy weight of a garage door potentially falling and seriously injuring someone.

We recommend calling a professional in the garage door repair industry if you suspect that a maintenance check is needed or wear and tear leading to potential breakage exists. It is well worth the extra money to avoid the risk of injury, not only to property, but to a person.

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