Considering the brand & aesthetics

Garage Door Brand & Aesthetics - Custom Carriage House DoorThe Appearance

When buying a new garage door, the garage door brands and aesthetics you choose can influence the curb appeal and appearance of the front of your home.  Sometimes, up to 30% of the front exterior of a home may be taken up by the garage door, so a door with patterns or texture, or a different color can affect the first impression or attractiveness of the property.


Different brands offer different choices.  For example, Gadco offers colors other than the usual white, brown or beige.  They offer grey, blue, hunter green, and even deep crimson.  Of course, if you can always paint or stain your garage door to achieve a better match with the rest of your house.


Some garage door companies offer garage doors with windows, such as screw-in or snap-in units.  There is a wide choice of different window styles you can choose from, including multipanel sunburst to rectangular patterns.  Windows can also be clear, etched or colored, depending if you want privacy in the interior of your garage.

Custom garage doors

There are companies that provide hand-made carriage-type doors such as Cambek Designer Doors if you really want a garage door brand & aesthetics to help your home be individualized.  These doors may look like they fold, swing or slide bu they actually roll up with the use of an automatic opener.  Others swing up to open, yet still look like a carriage house door.


When you are talking about customizing your garage doors, that means that the cost will also go up.  Budget friendly steel doors are on one end of the spectrum, while custom work can become almost twice a much in cost.

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